Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Christmas Miracle

My brother-in-law posted a photo yesterday of his favourite hen, Salma Nella, and 4 of her babies on Facebook. He said he found them in the barn. Unfortunately, by that time, two of the babies had died. He took the mother hen and remaining 4 little ones into the house and placed them in an old aquarium with a heat lamp. I have no idea what the chicks' chances are of surviving. I do know it's not normal for them to hatch so late in the year. After all, today is the first day of December, hence, the title of my post. Have any of you ever heard of farm animals like chickens breeding in the winter? I hope that if they survive, their paths don't cross with another animal that devours them, and I wonder what names they'll be given.

Yesterday was a busy day for me as is today. I had lunch with the group of friends that tries to get together every month, although it's not always possible. I've mentioned before that I'm one of those people who have lunch early - at 1 p.m. When we get together on Saturday for lunch now, we don't eat until after 3.30, because my friend's institute doesn't close until 3 p.m. 

Today, apart from my usual class preparations, I'll have to iron my comforter cover, which is cotton and looks awful if I don't, and maybe a few other things that could use a touch-up. Later on, I'll be mixing up the dough for icebox rolls, which I'll be taking to some Spanish friends' house on Wednesday evening for another Christmas dinner. Then it's the usual Chinese dinner on Thursday. Thank goodness, next Friday is a holiday, which should give me a head start on making some holiday goodies like buckeyes. 

Well, the Christmas lights have gone up in Madrid. I haven't seen any of them except in photos, and we may not see them lit up for long if those responsible for turning them on go on strike like they've threatened. The street cleaners' strike has finished, hopefully to the satisfaction of the workers. If the lamp lighters, or whatever they're called, go on strike, it will make the city look sad. If they are also responsible for the street lights, then it will be a different kettle of fish. I certainly don't want to be out walking in the dark because a street light has gone out and isn't replaced.

I know most who have had a nice 4-day weekend must be feeling a little down today. Hope you all enjoy your last few hours of holiday and have a wonderful week. Won't be long until Christmas!


  1. Yes, I'm feeling a little down that tomorrow is Monday and it will be back to work, after a wonderful four days off. Next vacation time will be Christmas week. I've taken the whole week off, and am looking forward to it.

    Hope the chicks survive. I know nothing about the breeding habits of chickens, but winter does seem to be the wrong time. Keep us posted, please!!

  2. Oh what a pretty hen! I hope the baby chicks will be ok.

  3. just now catching up on my blog reading-I hope the chicks survived too