Sunday, 8 December 2013

It's the Busy Time of the Year

Today I'm going to be brief. As from my title you can see I'm busy with Christmas preparations and  not exactly the decorating kind, i.e. except for my kitchen floor that has been sprinkled with flour and powdered sugar. At the moment I've got rolls rising. How I love the smell of bread baking! Yesterday and the day before I devoted my time to making buckeyes, and later on I hope to start on the teacakes. At least I've learned that the chocolate I buy for my buckeyes turns out better when melted in a double-boiler rather than the microwave.

My photo today is another photo which I haven't taken. There's a page I love and whose photos I sometimes share on Facebook called callejeando por Madrid. This photo of a building which happens to be the seat of Madrid's Town Council is lit up in Christmas colours. It was built at the beginning of the 20th Century and is now called Cibeles Palace for the goddess whose fountain you see in front. This is the fountain where Real Madrid (Football Club) come to celebrate when they win an important title. Funnily enough, this palace didn't cost too much more than my flat, and I certainly don't live in a palace.

Hope everyone in the path of the ice storms in parts of the US stay safe. I know parts of Britain and Germany have had some rough weather. Our weather has been pleasant during the day on account of the sun and freezing at night. When I finally went to bed last night, it was 9º C in Edinburgh and -1º C here in Madrid.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful week.


  1. I am baking today too-have a good week Brenda

  2. Yum to those rolls baking and the wonder smells they produce!! I wasn't planning to make my version of Buckeyes this year, but think I need to revisit that plan. Kitchens are supposed to be sprinkled with flour and sugar this time of year, Brenda!!

  3. Hi Brenda, that is a lovely photo, very colourful and festive. I assure you its a lot lower than 9 now :-), most nights it goes below freezing and during the day its just one or two degrees above. Looks like the season has finally caught up with us. Good for you getting down to all the Christmas preparations, I'm only just starting, I've not even taken the decorations out of the cupboard yet. Happy baking :-)