Sunday, 22 December 2013

Santa's Visit

I can't believe I've finally got this personalized and created just for me picture by a local author- artist, who also happens to be a friend. As I posted on Facebook his creations are like his children and it's hard for him to let any of them go. However, due to the economic crisis, he has had to re-think his career, like many others, and start making money from his talent. Up until now he has been a graphic designer, or has attempted to make a living in this field, He can still be a scientist of aliens and discoverer and creator of 'species' - his passions - and create beautiful pictures too. He is, in my opinion, a genius and, hopefully one day, his name will be there alongside Picasso or DalĂ­. The owner of the Chinese restaurant we go to thinks he's pretty cool too. If you're interested, you can find more of his work here:

If last week's post was short, this one is even shorter. I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed Christmas. Of course, I wanted to show off my Christmas present too. Happy safe Christmas to everyone!


  1. wonderful art! enjoy
    and Merry Christmas Brenda

  2. I love it, he is indeed very talented and you are very fortunate to own one of his pieces. Can hardly believe its Christmas Eve already so this is to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year and hoping that Santa is good to you :-)
    (glad you liked the card )

  3. A lovely gift, indeed. I'll go check out his work! Thanks for the link! I'm late getting to blogs, and Christmas is over now, but I hope to learn yours was great!

    1. Check out the 'Venta ONLINE', Terri and you'll see others that he's done and they're all originals and signed. Hope he adds more.