Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Spring Preview

Spanish sayings have a lot of truth in them, so I know we haven't left the cold weather behind. Instead we've been given a 'spring break', probably because Easter is so late this year. I can't believe we still have a month to go before the Easter break. Hope when it finally does arrive, the weather is as nice as it's been this weekend. My computer says it's 22º C while Yahoo says it's 72º F. The ornamental pear tree outside my windows says it's ready for some good weather too.

One of my favourite sayings in Spanish (literal translation) is: the world is a handkerchief, which means it's a small, small world. One of my first posts on the old Multiply social network was about this fact. I know that just about everyone is on Facebook. As I recently posted on another blog, Facebook is a convenient way to keep up with family and also find friends from other sites like Multiply, and thus makes the world a smaller place. Another Spanish saying is: we're all connected by 6 people. I joined a James Rollins (the author) group on FB. One of the persons who joined later had the same surname as one of my cousins. It turns out this person's father and my cousin's husband are cousins. I would never have imagined a connection had my cousin still had her maiden name of Smith and not this unusual surname.

Here's an old photo of my great-grandparents on my mother's side that the same cousin posted on Facebook. She thinks this photo was taken around 1900. The little girl is our Aunt Katie who I think died before I was born. Sadly I don't know all of my family history. I wish another of my cousins would participate more on FB, because she could clear up a lot of blanks for us.

  I think I'll go out and join the others in the street now to enjoy a bit of this lovely weather and throw away some paper too. Hope the rest of you are enjoying some fine weather. Have a good week.


  1. What a great photo of your great grandparents and aunt!! Facebook is such a great place to reconnect with folks. I have reconnected with so many of my high school classmates, some who still live in my hometown and can keep me posted on what's going on, who is sick and who has died. Glad you found your cousin. Enjoy your nice weather!!

  2. Enjoy the lovely weather... hope it lasts and your pear tree blooms!