Sunday, 30 March 2014

23-Hour Sunday

Last week I mentioned making some dust cloths using a link my friend Kathy put on Facebook and here  are a couple. I also said that the oil mixture left lovely patterns on them; the patterns changed a bit when the cloths dried, but they're still nice and would make a gorgeous tie-dyed design. And yes, I've used them though you've heard me say many times how much I hate dusting. I remember my mother used to complain about the dust from coal trucks that came through her little town. They didn't cause nearly as much dust as we have in Madrid!

As promised, here's another old family photo. It's the first photo that I really remember 'posing' for. I would have been almost 6, I suppose. The lady on the left is my Aunt Sally and the boy beside me is my cousin Bobby while my cousin Billy is behind me. My mother is holding my sister, Diana. Both my aunt and cousin Billy are dead. The last time I saw Bobby was at my mother's funeral. I also remember this road we lived on was called Old Mexico. There was only one other house on it where my playmate Phyllis lived. One child is missing from from the photo. For some reason my brother Roger hated having his photo taken. I have another one with my father holding him (probably the same day). He's the one person you can see really well in that particular photo and he is pouting. My mom used to tell him the rooster was going to land on his lip.

Well, this weekend has been something of a disaster for me, not only because we've finally 'sprung forward' . Yesterday it rained most of the day, so my clean windows are no longer clean. Then I broke a glass and am still finding little 'diamonds' around. I'll have to remember not to get up in the middle of the night without putting on my house slippers. I don't go barefoot, but sometimes I go to the bathroom wearing only my socks. Once years ago, a piece of glass found its way into my bed and cut my foot during the night. Another failure this weekend was my attempt at making a sheet of freezer paper. I melted the plastic! Thankfully none of the plastic transferred to my iron.

I'm going to the kitchen now to make a chicken cobbler for lunch tomorrow. I think I posted the recipe a few weeks ago. It's similar to chicken pot pie. I only hope I'm hungry enough to eat it when the clock says it's lunchtime. Hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful week. I keep thinking: hold on Easter holidays are coming up!

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful week, too, Brenda!! I so enjoyed seeing your old family photo! Sorry the weekend has been such a trial, and I hope you got all that broken glass up!! Be careful! The dusting cloths do look quite interesting!