Sunday, 9 March 2014

We Haven't Sprung But Spring Has

Finally we've got some decent weather! At the time of writing this, it's 64ºF, and I can hear lots of people outside enjoying the sun and pleasant temperature. According to the weather forecast, it will be even nicer tomorrow. Most certainly a change from this past week when the wind almost knocked me down twice on Tuesday. I know we'll go back to cold weather again, but it's wonderful seeing some sun.

The old photo is where I imagine many people would have gone this morning. It's of the Rastro (flea market) from 1905. Of course, it's changed a lot since those days. Now the sellers must get a licence to set up a stall there. If you're looking for some different piece of furniture or antique furniture, the shops in the area are the places to visit. I haven't been to the Rastro for many years. It soon gets too crowded, which invites pickpockets. Whenever I've been, I've gone early even though some of the sellers don't set up until later on.

Yesterday afternoon when I was coming back from shopping, I saw that the cars were all stopped in a street near the supermarket and there were several men gathered near the crosswalk. I didn't see exactly what happened, but apparently an elderly lady had fallen there.  Thankfully she hadn't been hit by a car and the men helped her up. I heard one of them ask her if she'd got dizzy. I hope she was all right. I imagine she had been coming back from the same supermarket too, because one of the men was leading a chihuahua that obviously wasn't his, and I think was probably hers as it had been outside the supermarket when I arrived. I was reminded of a day when I saw two men fall in the street. One of them was able to get up but the other one wasn't. That day people just passed us by until a young man stopped to help us get the poor man on his feet. 

Sometimes we complain loudly about young people's dress and manners. Perhaps we need to be less judgemental. Except the other day I saw this cartoon on FB that said the auto correct was a piece of shut. I think the same of the auto correct here! So I hope I can be judgemental about such things as the auto correct. In case you haven't noticed, I use the British spelling for words, and constantly tell students they can't mix the British and American spelling. I don't understand why a site lets you choose which English you can use and then tells you you've spelt the word wrongly.

For those of you who have already 'sprung forward', hope you it doesn't cause you too many difficulties. We have a few more weeks before we have to change the time. Despite losing an hour, hope your week is a good one.


  1. I enjoyed this post, Brenda! We did, indeed, spring forward and I know it will take me two weeks to adjust to that one stupid hour. I sure wish "they" would decide to let the time changes go. Farmers don't need that extra hour anymore. Have a good week!!

  2. yep we have changed our clocks this weekend and I think it is way to early-used to be in april which I think was better-we are getting a little break too with a couple days of warmer weather and sunshine-yeah! enjoy your new week oh have you heard if your family received the soap ok

  3. Hi Brenda...............guess what?? I'm so excited, my annual trip to my sisters in France is only a couple of weeks away and this time; I'm meeting her in BARCELONA !!! Yep I'm flying out direct to Barcelona, she's driving down and we are spending a couple of days there before driving back to her place in France. W.e are going to the street markets, the Picasso museum, the cathedral and hopefully the park. You can't imagine how much I am looking forward to this and to read that your temperatures are in the 60's makes it even better. I only wish it were nearer to Madrid so I could meet you for a coffee, another time maybe :-) I just loved reading this today and reading about the Rastro, makes it all seem so real.........:-)