Sunday, 12 April 2015

Of Mice and Us

As I've often mentioned, some of my friends and I get together round the first Saturday of every month for lunch. Yesterday was such a Saturday that we'd arranged to go to the place where we always have our Saturday lunches. Early in the week my friend Cathy called saying that the owners of the bar (a place we've been going to for years) had just retired and their son had decided not to continue the business, so they'd decided to rent it. None of us had any idea that they were thinking of retiring or that the son wouldn't continue the business.

To make a long story short, we finally decided on another place that has new owners too. Although the food was okay in general (Chris found part of her chicken that was still pink), the atmosphere wasn't the same and the coffee was rather disgusting. I like my coffee strong, but this was too strong and burnt tasting. Needless to say, I didn't finish it.

I saw Jesus, the owner of our old hangout, on my way to class on Wednesday, and he told they'd retired and rented out the bar. I already knew, of course, because his granddaughter is in Cathy's class. I understand perfectly that they're retiring. After all, he's 72 and his wife is 65. What we don't understand is why they didn't tell us in March when we went there for lunch. I told my students at the beginning of this course that it would be the last year that I'd be giving classes. This is one of the reasons I'm trying to get rid of old papers, books, etc.

We were so lucky to have had such lovely weather at Easter. I can't say it's freezing, but we're not having those nice temperatures like we had a couple of weeks ago. On Thursday morning when I went to get my hair cut, the wind was blowing cold and yes it was raining. I don't think my windows are too spotted though. 

One thing that I find incredible in this day and age with internet everywhere is how so many people still think Spain is a tropical country. One of Cathy's students, who is going to Minnesota for a year, was asked in an interview if she would have problems with the winter there since she's from a tropical country. Okay I know Minnesota is freezing in the winter, but I've never worn shorts in January here either. Even now some heating is necessary at this time of year, even though years ago the central heating always went off on the first day of April no matter what the temperature outside was. It's because the buildings were heated with coal.

I don't have a photo for today, and I don't participate in Throwback Thursday or anything like that. I am sharing this photo of me in Rome from the early 80's. Two friends and I were there for Easter week when you could still get very close to Pope John Paul II. I don't have photos of him, but maybe the other two do. This super curly hairstyle was in fashion then. I never brushed it or combed it, just 'picked' it. I've seen that some people wear picks in their hair in the US. If I were brave enough, I'd have my hair pixilated.
Hope everyone has a good week ahead. April sure is rolling along.


  1. Yum to that Gelati cart!! We had gelato every day in Italy. Great photo, Brenda! Fun seeing your curls. I pick mine every morning and then let it dry. Just a frizzy bush if I try to comb or brush it.

    Sorry you have lost your favorite lunch place. You'll find a new place that everyone like, though. Might take a few lunches to find it, but you will.

    Are you going to stay in Spain when you retire, or come back to the USA?

  2. you know Brenda I've never asked you how long you've been in Spain?? I I know its not the same thing at all but up until I retired people would ask me if I were going 'home' when I retire. Meaning was I going back to England from Scotland, some seemed quite shocked when I replied 'I am home'. I've been here more than 25 years, and still people think my 'home' is somewhere else?? Sorry lunch didn't work out, its always so difficult when change is thrust upon you but hopefully, in time you'll find somewhere to take the place of the old restaurant. :-) Anyway.........much excitement if retirement is looming for you, I'm throughly enjoying it :-)

  3. Yes, TravelAdviser has nearly 8000 restaurants, and I've lived 40 years in Madrid.

  4. wow 40 years is a long long time, makes my 25 look quite insignificant. :-)