Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bright Colours for a Rainy Day

I know I'm not the only one who loses things, especially umbrellas. Although I have a couple of 'normal' umbrellas, I like to have one of those foldable ones that I can slip into my bag just in case it rains. I had no idea this one I bought a year ago after having lost my last little umbrella had manga characters on it until I opened it up one rainy day. I only thought it would be a good idea to have one that promised to behave when it's windy, and this one promised that. Surely you'll have seen abandoned, turned upside down and broken umbrellas in the street and people flying like Mary Poppins without trying to.. And now you know what my windy rainy day umbrella looks like.

Rain was in the forecast for this weekend, and that's exactly what we have or had, because it's stopped for a while anyway. Early this morning I heard one of the neighbours hurriedly taking in her clothes that she'd left outside overnight. Once years ago, I almost didn't gather my clothes in at night even though they would have been dry. After I'd done it, I was glad, because not long afterwards someone fell out a window upstairs and broke all the clotheslines from the second floor on down. I have no idea the circumstances surrounding the fall, but one neighbour who knows everything that goes on said he was a friend of someone in the basement and was so drunk he thought he was going out the door. I think it could have been someone who intended breaking into one of the flats, but I don't know everything that happens in the building (unless I'm told).

I'm proud of myself for getting so many chores done this weekend. Yes, I de-frosted and cleaned my fridge and this was a weekend in which I had ironing to do. When I finish here, I'm going to prepare my lunch for tomorrow and make some banana nut bread. Might as well do as much baking as possible. Soon it'll be too hot to think about using the oven much.

 Wednesday I went to the Chinese with Chris and another friend who we hadn't seen much of since Christmas. Chris said her cat Sami had had her last antibiotics injection that day and was jumping on the bed and her favourite place the radiator. I hope these are good signs, although one of Chris's friends sent me a couple of messages asking questions about Sami that I couldn't answer, and I suggested she ask Chris. I didn't say that to be nasty. I just didn't know the answers and had told her what Chris had told us.

Just like last Sunday (I think) the sun has decided to come out for a bit and the rain has stopped. My windows? Yes, they're streaked, but rain is good. I heard this past week that the reservoirs for the province of Madrid were over 90% full of water, which is good. I remember seeing a photo of the lake in our Retiro Park completely dry one year. I'm sure it was the same year that I had awful gastroenteritis. 

The break in the rain is my cue to finish this and to get cookin'. Hope everyone has a good week.   


  1. I wish I could say my weekend has been productive. I have projects that need to be done, yet here I sit, happy that cupboards and closets are closed and can't be seen (unless the doors get opened). I have out-of-date spices and herbs that need to be tossed and replaced. I have clothes I haven't worn in years that need to be donated......

  2. .....PS: I love your very colorful umbrella! I used to have one that had Garfield in each panel. Loved it. Those little fold-ups are great to carry as insurance!

  3. Your umbrella is the colors! I usually leave one in my car but I really need to get a small one that folds up that I can keep in my purse. Way to go on the productive weekend! Over the last few months, we have been working on our house. It feels good to get organized! Have a wonderful week!

  4. I've lost count of the number of umbrellas I've lost over the years. I don't own one any more, I gave up on them years ago, and those I managed not to leave on the bus usually blew inside out on their first use. Even the ones that are supposed to be built not to go inside out are no good here with the wind that we get. I've just resigned myself to the fact that Scottish weather and wind is not compatible with umbrellas. And tell your friend I'm very pleased the hear Sami is recovering, I used to have a couple of Siamese cats, they are so unlike other non-Siamese cats they may as well be completely different animals :-)