Sunday, 5 April 2015

End of a Perfect Holiday

I know this cloudy sky doesn't look like it deserves to be part of the best Easter holiday week we've had in many years, but it was just that: a bit cloudy sometimes with very mild temperatures, but mostly blue skies everywhere. The building on the right is a modern block of flats which is in the exact spot where I used to work all those years. I really can't pass this building without thinking about where my classroom was located. Recently I saw an attic flat with 4 bedrooms for rent here. I can only imagine what they're asking for it, and I wonder if there are any ghosts of teachers and students past inhabiting the space. After all, it was a language school for over 30 years. Its parent institute, which was in the centre of Madrid, was founded in 1949 and is one of the first language institutes in Madrid and in Spain for that matter. One of these days I'll take a photo of the new Briam (that was the name of the original institute) which has returned to the neighbourhood.

Despite all the lovely weather we've been having, I've been spending a good part of it indoors doing spring cleaning (yes, my windows are sparkling clean, so now it can rain) and again getting rid of old papers. I have a bag for the shredder but that can wait until I feel like feeding it. Between dusting and shredding documents, I don't know which I hate the most, but I did dust from top to bottom.

Today was my friend Cathy's birthday, and guess where we ended up having lunch? At our local Chinese restaurant. It was just the two of us as the rest of our gang are still on holiday or not available. Cathy is one of those people who it's difficult to get the appropriate gift for. She doesn't go in for jewellery or any of those girly things. So I gave her one of the things I got for myself this past summer in Bed Bath and Beyond (love that place) - a silicon lid for any smooth surface that can be used on pans on the cooker (stove) or in the microwave and an apron made by a friend. I use my lid all the time. As a matter of fact, I often use the gadgets I've got from there. Here's one of my favourite chicken casseroles called chicken cobbler that I've used the pastry blender on that I bought at the same time as the lids, so you know what's for lunch tomorrow:

I'm not ready for the holidays to end. However, for once the 'spring forward' hasn't bothered me too much as our clocks changed that first weekend of our holidays. Let's hope our new week is a good one. Have a good week everyone!


  1. Your casserole looks yummy! I'm sure your friend was happy with her lid and apron! Yes, Bed, Bath and Beyond is one of my favorite places too! Glad you had good Easter and birthday weather, and it's good that you could enjoy your friend's birthday with her. How interesting that the old school has been turned into upscale apartments!! Hope your week back at work goes smoothly!

  2. sounds like a perfect birthday get together, that would be wild to live in an apartment where you used to teach

  3. Oh, I don't live in the new building. My apartment block was built in 1932 I think. Some of the older buildings are better constructed though.

  4. Hi Brenda, I quite like the idea of ghost teachers and students wandering around those brand new apartments :-). Lots of new apartments are souless places so actually it would give them a bit of characture. Good to know you've had a nice holiday ... you deserve it :-)