Sunday, 24 May 2015

In the Cloud

The other day on facebook, I shared a funny video that used the music from one of Billy Joel's hits with lyrics describing what was popular with kids in the 70's and 80's. Throughout the song, the line 'But we never owned an Ipad, Never heard of texting, only teletexting' is repeated. Although some of the things the singer mentions are typical of Britain, such as some of the popular personalities (I gather he wasn't too keen on a certain weather forecaster), but who doesn't remember 'The Goonies', one of my all-time favourites, and Michael Knight's car?

Without the technology we have today, the man who made this particular video would have had quite a few difficulties putting it together. By the way, he does a good cover of Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire'. 

I was thinking the other day about how much I rely on my mobile phone for more things than just texting. It's also my watch, easy-to-use camera and weather forecaster. I don't (yet) go walking down the street looking at it and not looking where I'm going, and have been known to forget it at home or in somebody's house. 

The photo above is one that my sister took and tagged me in and posted on facebook, because she knows I'm always looking at the clouds. Isn't it amazing how we can store what we want to keep 'in the cloud'?

The next photo is of one of the best early almost 'smart' phones that I've had. I know I could send multimedia texts on it though most of my friends couldn't open them. I really liked that the keyboard was round. As it no longer works and I've been de-cluttering some today, I decided it's time to get rid of it. The next time I go past a battery container, I'll drop off the dead battery, which I was finally able to get at. The backs of phones are put on so it's extremely difficult to open them, aren't they?

This week we didn't go to the Chinese, because my friend Chris's cousin died, and, naturally, she was and is very sad. I'm sure she would appreciate prayers and/or positive thoughts for the family. You remember that Chris's cat was very ill recently. She says Sami follows her everywhere. Poor Sami.

Two week ago, we had that preview of summer with too high temperatures for this time of year. Thank goodness, the temperatures have gone down to normal. We even had a few mornings where it was cold, and in a town not too far from Madrid it was 32ยบ F at 8 a.m. I've worn long sleeves and a jacket most of the week. It does warm up into the 70's during the day. I'm glad that at least one saying still holds true - the one about waiting until the 40th May (9th June) to put away winter things. I'm just not ready for sandals yet.

I hope that everyone who has a long weekend enjoys a safe one and the rest of the week passes as quickly as your 3 days. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Chris' loss and will keep the family in my prayers.

    I don't know how we would get along without our cell phones, now that we have them. I rely on mine more and more. I feel safer having one because I remember how scary it could be traveling alone with no way to contact AAA or a friend to help with a flat tire or breakdown on the road.

    Hope the weather calms down for you and gets back to more normal. Of course, we have had sandal weather for awhile now.

    Enjoy your Sunday! We have friends coming in for burgers on the grill. Company coming tomorrow, too.

    1. Thanks, Terri, and enjoy your company. I forgot to say that I also use my phone as a source of light - very handy app.

  2. Hi Brenda, oh I know what you mean about the phone, I feel as if my life is on my phone, all my phone numbers are there, my text messages telling me where I should be and when I should be there. If I'm on the way to meet someone I text when I'm there. It's my watch, my flashlight, my readily available camera, my every thing. I was talking to a young man the other day who is a bit of a techno wizard, I really need to update my phone and I was asking advice. He said that the best all round phone, the one where you need nothing else ( no ipad, no camera no notebook) is still the iphone. I've never been able to afford one but he said its def the best so? maybe ?? its a lot of money but he said he thinks it worth it. I love that little phone of yours with the round keypad, I've never seen one of those before think you should keep it, its too unusual to throw out :-)

  3. I love my LG2 which is a bit bigger than an iphone. I didn't pay a lot for it, not like the one in my photo. The LG 2 isn't the latest LG model, but I like it, and then some of my friends have Samsung phones.