Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Bloody Sunday

What should have been a nice restful 3-day weekend went a tad wrong as I had to call an emergency repairman today, which is also Mother's Day in Spain. The problem has been fixed temporarily, but it means I'm getting a late start on posting this. I'll have to compose this quickly as it's almost evening here and I have lots of things that need doing before the day that we all dislike - Monday.

Since we have two long weekends this month, I did give class on Friday afternoon. May 1st is our Labour Day in Europe, and I know lots of people have gone to the beach and to their 'villages'. Almost everybody here has a village that they claim even though they were born in Madrid. Somebody in their family is from that village. Because the weather has been very mild (I saw about 80ยบ F in Madrid yesterday), the ones who have gone to the beach will come back brown. Today it's mostly cloudy in Madrid though it's fairly warm out.

I hope I'm not the only one who finds the following story funny. Have you heard of the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? Well, I hadn't until someone posted something about it on Facebook. A person puts his/her lips into a bottle and sucks for about 5 minutes or so. Somehow this makes the lips get bigger, supposedly like the person's that the challenge has been named after. Kylie has, I've heard, naturally plump lips. I don't know as I don't follow these people. 

Here's the Spanish lip challenge story:
I'd nearly finished the class that I have with one of my almost 13-year olds. We don't have an ideal place for the class, because it's in the living room and it's almost never completely quiet. Either someone rings the doorbell, is watching TV or her grandmother, who suffers from dementia, interrupts. On Monday, Ana's mother came in to say she wanted to see her facebook, twitter and whatsapp accounts. She was livid because Ana must have posted a photo of herself with those big lips on one of these places, except she's not on twitter. 

When I left, embarrassed for the child, her mother was really telling the poor kid off. As far as I'm concerned, it's just one of those silly things that youngsters are doing and I really can't see that it's harmful; certainly not as harmful as some of the other 'challenges'. I could just imagine Ana with those horridly fat lips!

Yesterday, as I posted on Facebook, was a holiday in Madrid to celebrate the uprising against the occupation of French troops. My photo is a dedication to that uprising and is near the Royal Palace. 

Hopefully tomorrow and the rest of the week will be better than my 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. Hope everyone else's week is good.


  1. I am sure sorry to hear that your holiday weekend went bust. What a shame! Hope your next long weekend is much, much better!

    I had to look up the Kylie Jenner lip challenge since I had never heard of it. I found some very silly YouTube videos about it (and also about how silly it is). They all said to use a shot glass, not a bottle. Still silly. Good grief!!

    Joe and I were just talking about how we were in Venice for the May Day weekend, and there were people EVERYWHERE! We had trouble getting on the water taxis, and once feared for our safety...there was a fight and so many people on the water taxi that we thought we might get dunked into the canal. If we can ever afford a European trip again, we will avoid May Day weekend!

    Wishing you a good week ahead, Brenda.

  2. I've never heard of that challenge either, amybe its just not hit here yet. I'm sure it will these FB things go right round the world a couple of times before they die away. I Knew nothing about the uprising, or the occupation by French troops, sometimes I think our entire history consists of one long armed conflict after another. Such a waste and such a sad way to continually write out history. Nothing ever changes.

  3. Sorry about your weekend. Why did you have to call a repairman man? I hope the temporary fix becomes a permanent fix soon! I've heard of the fat lip challenge. Thank goodness my kids are all grown up and wouldn't do this. It looks and sounds so silly. Have a great week, Brenda!

    1. Problems with the hot water heater, Kris.

  4. Reminds me of goofy things Leslie has done that I didn't necessarily like but weren't really harmful. Like her spiked hair (we said she looked like a rooster; she didn't like that comment!) I think it's funny and I agree with you.