Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

As Chris and I were leaving the Chinese restaurant last Thursday evening, we each were presented with a white rose by Pepe, the owner. I don't know about other countries, but in Spain they tend to take Spanish names. I remember a Chinese restaurant that we used to go to where the little boy there was called Juanito (Johnny), and his name was constantly being called, because he was quite naughty. I suppose though having to be in your parents' restaurant for hours must be tiresome for a child alone. It's quite normal to see Chinese children in shops too since the parents work long hours and don't hire babysitters for their children.

This week we'll be celebrating our friend Jenny's birthday in the Chinese. She's someone we haven't seen for quite a while. I sent her a message earlier, except instead of 'birthday' I typed 'burthday', and, naturally, my finger had to hit the send button instead of the 'x' to correct. Here's one of the things I have for her: a dragonfly. Only hope I didn't give her one last year. And no, I didn't make the dragonfly, but will be making some banana nut bread to share with her, and she's asked for peanut butter, so I got her a jar of Jiff (made in Kentucky, you know). I'm sure the peanut butter costs twice as much here though.

This weekend has been a working one for me - in the house that is. Apart from the normal chores I do on Saturdays, I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom. Remember tiles go up to the ceiling in bathrooms and kitchens in Spain. There's not usually a lot to clean at the top in the kitchen because of the cupboards. Then I cleaned all the doors of the cupboards in the kitchen. The insides of those I'll clean during the holidays, and the rest I won't bore you with. I might add that I'll probably be sorting through more old papers today.

Well, I think that's the last of our nice mild weather for now. Last night we got to below freezing in Madrid, and snow has been predicted for the mountains this week. I think we'll get some rain. Today we have clouds, and I miss the sun already.

I think this is the last of what I have to say on this the Ides of March and also Mother's Day in Britain. Happy Mother's Day and happy week all.


  1. Love the dragon fly, and she will too, even if she already has one. Two dragon flies are always better than one! I'm catching up on blogs, after being gone all weekend. Our good time will be in tomorrow's blog. Have a good week ahead, Brenda and enjoy your next birthday outing!

  2. thats a lovely dragonfly, and a very 'chinese' colour. Is she chinese? I'm sure she will love it
    I've heard the saying often, 'beware the ides of March' but I've never really known what it means. Then someone told me its to do with the assasination of Ceaser. I was quite disapointed, I always thought it was a lesser known part of celtic/ pagen mythology to do with spring. Wow.... got that one completely wrong, sometimes fiction is much preferable to fact :-)

  3. No, Jenny is from Robbie Williams' hometown. Chinese people keep to themselves, at least here they do. Only the younger generation may have Spanish friends.

  4. I love the dragonfly too-we have pretty cold here for a couple days down in the 30sf yesterday which felt really cold after a weekend of mid 70s suppose to warm up this saturday though