Sunday, 29 March 2015

LGoo Gone

Why I hadn't thought to remove a white strip that was just above the manufacturers name of my phone before this week I can't say, except that it being there hadn't really bothered me. I don't look at the phone's back a lot anyway. Under the white sticker which I removed, there was no secret number or message, but taking it off left yucky residue that wouldn't wipe off. To the rescue comes homemade goo gone made with two non-toxic ingredients: baking soda and oil mixed into a paste. Compare what I made in that little plastic top and the real stuff.

Maybe what's in this bottle is biodegradable and 100% organic, but it's not necessary to put a danger warning on the homemade stuff, because someone would just think mine was yucky if they tried it. Anyway, I also used it on what I think was something that got stuck on my new washer and it came right off. So far, the homemade goo gone has worked on everything I've tried it on. Wish I'd known about it before.

Today is our first day of having 'sprung forward'. I suppose I can't complain too much since I'm officially on holiday. The weather is lovely, and the streets round my house are full of people and noise. I'm not sure why there are so many people out celebrating this Palm Sunday. I remember other past Easters when Madrid was practically empty. Once I found myself running down the street behind a friend's car. Despite her profession as a jeweller, she was always late. We had arranged to meet some other friends for lunch and she was very very late picking me up, so I was going to the underground and yes I finally caught her. I don't know about you, but I can't stand people who are constantly late. This person is no longer considered a friend either. Sadly not everyone is who they pretend to be.

It's been a tiring and sad week for me. Tiring because I had extra classes and sad because of the plane crash. Although I didn't know any of the passengers on the Germanwings flight, I felt especially bad for the families of those on that flight and the German students who were on the exchange programme here in Madrid. Two of my students had a German student in their house, and these students were flying back the day after the crash. Thankfully they got off okay. In April, the Spanish students will return the visit. However, I can't imagine the students from Barcelona will be going as the German students who visited them were on that fated flight. So much heartache for so many!

I've just discovered that all the people in the street are for a bullfight. I want to go out and throw some paper away but will wait until the 'bulls' go in. Have a good Easter week.


  1. My heart still hurts for the families of those lost on that flight. It's especially sad about the students. Thanks for the recipe for homemade goo gone! My #1 pet peeve is people who are late. I agree with you!!!

  2. And I might add that the media needs to focus more on the victims and their families than the sick co-pilot. He's getting the recognition that he so desired and doesn't deserve to be remembered whereas his victims do.

  3. I'm still thinking about that plain........its just awful, those por people must have known what was happening. But I also keep thinking about the parents of the guy who crashed it, I've no idea how on earth they begin to cope with what their son did.