Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy Day, Ladies!

Today I'm not remembering those of us who are lucky enough not to be mistreated, maimed, raped, murdered or made to cover themselves just because we were born female, although I wish all a happy day. I'm remembering all those women who are to this day enslaved and who will never in their lifetime enjoy the extent of freedom which some of us claim as our rights. 

Recently I watched a documentary about the young woman who was raped and mortally beaten in India a few years ago. I cried when her mother said the last thing her daughter said before she died was how sorry she was for the trouble she'd caused her mother. How could her parents not be proud of her as she must have been of them?

It's a bit difficult to continue after such a serious beginning, but here goes some of my week:

Yesterday since it was the first Saturday of the month, my friends and I got together to have lunch at the bar where we always meet up (just round the corner from my house). There were 7 of us and 5 rations of meatballs (they know how much we like them), so two had to have a different main course. Our friend June is in New Jersey at the moment enjoying the snow, but Judy's sister from Philadelphia is here to take her place. 

Probably by the time June comes back, she'll have sent us some of the bad weather they're having - the cold anyway. I don't imagine we'll get snow in Madrid, but you never know. There was one year that we didn't have a summer, which really hurt the outdoor swimming pools. At the moment, we're having beautiful weather.

Tuesday was my sister Diana's birthday. Here's a photo of her that I shared on Facebook a couple of years ago. This is the sister who always won the fights we had despite being 4 years younger than me. She always had long fingernails and scratched like a cat. Of course, more than fight we argued I'm sure. Everybody called her Blondie for obvious reasons.
We in Europe haven't sprung forward yet. I suppose we will before Easter though. For you in the US, hope the loss of an hour isn't too hard on you. I know how much I hate the time change. Have a good week despite losing the hour.


  1. Happy belated birthday to your sister, Diana! My younger sister, Patti, scratched like a cat, too. I still have scars on my wrists from them! Ha!!

    There are still so many women, as you mentioned, who have no rights and are enslaved by others. Perhaps someday, there will be an end to it, but not in my lifetime unfortunately. So many in this world are born into hatred and misguided beliefs.

    It's so great that you and your friends have a set, get-together the first weekend of each month. Also nice that when one is missing, another friend can fill in. Keeps it fun and interesting. Shame on them for not having enough meatballs for everyone!! They should know the routine by now, and set aside enough for your group!!

    I wish you a good week ahead, Brenda!!

  2. I missed most of that documentary, I turned on right at the very end in time to watch a man looking into the camera and saying quite matter of factly that if his daughter shamed him and his family he would take her himself and douse her in petrol and set light to her. That tiny, short snippet of film has haunted me. I will never come close to understanding how anyone can inflict such agony on any other human being let alone his own daughter. I do undertstand about cultural differences but this can't be explained by 'cultural diference' this is something totally alien, as if he is from an alien species not just another culture. How on earth do we begin to deal with this type of thing??

  3. I only saw it because one of my friends shared it on facebook. You may still be able to find it on the internet . No, we will never understand these attitudes towards women. The most despicable things were expressed by the defence lawyer.