Sunday, 22 March 2015

Not My Cuppa

Recently my friend Kathy posted a link to a recipe on the pioneer woman's website. Now some of the best recipes I've tried have come from the pioneer woman (for example, her crash hot potatoes), so I thought I'd try this recipe called 'crazy coffee'. I think I've seen recipes where butter was added to coffee, but not butter and coconut oil. After putting the coffee, butter and oil in the blender, I got a creamy creamy cup of something. As I've just seen that Kathy agrees with the pioneer woman that the coffee is delicious, I sadly had to disagree. Although I drank the mixture, I didn't enjoy it and won't repeat the experience. There was no coffee taste.

The only flavour coffee I like is white coffee (café con leche), which I usually have for breakfast. In restaurants, I generally ask for black coffee. I'm a lover of coffee, and for many years would never have it in restaurants and people's homes in the US, because it wasn't coffee they served but coloured water. With places like Starbuck's the quality of the coffee has improved, and I'm not saying Starbuck's is the best - too overpriced for one thing. However, I still don't like any flavoured sweetened version of it. Since the pioneer woman's recipe didn't call for any type of sweetener, I thought I'd try. Oh well, you don't know if you like something until you try it. If any of you, besides Kathy, make this crazy coffee and like it, let me know. After all, we have different tastes in many things like religion, politics, food etc.

I'm always reminded of the journal entry beginning from my windows... This is my view. Of course, I could have taken a few photos of the almond trees in bloom in the park near my house, but this is a tree I see every day. Unlike the almond trees that are in full bloom, this tree is slowly showing its blooms. There are lots of buds that should be opening soon.

We've had torrential rain the past few days, though they've probably had more in southern Spain. It rains like that when I'm out or thinking about going out. Just as I was taking the photo of our little tree, it started sprinkling. Cloud cover stopped us from viewing the eclipse earlier this week. I had to laugh on Wednesday because I saw sunny and 16º C in Paris, 12º C in Helsinki, 10º C in London and 8º C in Madrid. Finally my phone is out of the cloud to say it's mostly cloudy, because it's been saying partly sunny most of the day. I feel really sorry for the group of German students who are visiting a school in my area and staying with the students' families. I'm certain they haven't had any good weather since they arrived. One of my students is one who'll be going to Germany in April to visit his German guest. See if he has better luck with the weather. Oh, now the sun has made an appearance!

That's about all I have to say for this mostly dark day. Hope everyone has a good week. Next week brings holidays for some of us.


  1. I can't imagine that putting coconut oil and butter in coffee would be good. Not even going to give that one a try. I enjoy coffee so much more, now that we have our Keurig coffee maker. Like you, I drink my coffee black, though sometimes I will add creamer and a sweetener in restaurants. Hope the sun comes out and stays for awhile!! Have a good week, Brenda!

  2. I love coffee too! I've actually never heard of butter in your coffee, interesting.

  3. The actual name for this coffee is Bulletproof Coffee.

  4. I always drink my coffee black, and now I have to only drink decaf-but I buy quality dark decaf coffee for me. I thought this coffee sounded really wierd-but I did like the coconut flavor-don't need the butter though-I agree don't know til ya try it once. we are in for some rough t storms on tuesday and wednesday and then much cooler weather coming in.

  5. I'm not sure if this is the same as the 'bulletproof' coffee thats doing the rounds on FB but if it is, I have to say its not something I would fancy, but my daughter and her partner love it. Each to their own I guess :-)
    BUT........I'm going to ask her for some next time I'm there just to try it. She has the beans, the grinder and the food processor and like I said, her and her partner love it. So when I've tried it, I'll let you know what I think :-)

    1. Yes, let me know if you like it, Loretta.